Step aboard and get ready to explore the universe of Laravel Nova

From Beginner to Expert
Fully comprehensive end-to-end Laravel Nova Course, from scratch to advanced topics covering all features
Lots of Advanced Topics
Create advanced UI Components, implement Multi-Tenancy SaaS, learn how to test your Resources
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Not having that Nova Feature working as you want?

Learn how to create advanced UI Components, Packages, make your Nova performant, and even use Nova as a multi-tenant SaaS administration system, ... and much, much more!

Course Features
40+ Video Tutorials
From scratch to advanced usage, from installation to production ready. You get Nova all covered!
No knowledge needed
Laravel Nova can be hard in the beginning. So, the standard features are covered in "zen" video categories
Advanced Concepts covered
It's widely covered advanced learning, from UI components development to production best practices
Download Videos
If you like to check out the videos offline, you can download them for later viewing
Regular Updates
More video tutorials will be added on as long as Laravel Nova evolves (in the Orion version)
Available Codebase Exercises
You can download all the exercises codebase via Github (except Nova codebase itself)

Learn how you can extend Nova to meet your business needs

Learn how much you can extend the default Nova features to fit your needs and what can't be extended easily so you know what customized code you need to develop

"I met Bruno back in the day of the community building Laraning and Laraflash and more. A Laravel Nova early adopter and passionate about it! To speed up your learning process and for new insights definately check this course!"

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What will you learn?
Installing Laravel Nova from scratch, best practices
What comes with Nova, how does it work behind the scenes
Learning how to use Fields, Metrics, Lenses, Actions and Filters
How Relationships work between Resources
Seeing the file structure of Nova, and how to recompile the assets
Understanding the properties of a Field
Creating a new custom Field package
How to sort your Resources in the Sidebar
Deep Diving
Applying Resource configuration best practices
Creating a Nova Resource check-list
Using Relationships, pros and cons in different scenarios
Cloning Resources - When to use a parent Resource
Putting Nova in DEV mode, and recompiling its assets
Extending Nova components using Macros
Testing your Resources using PHPUnit
Using Global Search and Scout integration
Extending UI
Creating a UI Component - Tool as example
Learning how to apply visual authorization restrictions
Managing your vue components to interact with server side data
Build a full precise geo location field integrated with Place field
Understanding the $emit and how to pass data between Fields
Using the data API, creating a Controller for your Component
Compiling your UI components
Using Assynchronous events to refresh Fields data
Useful Packages
Using Chart JS
Using Static Pages Editor
Using Searchable BelongsTo Filter
Using Spatie Permissions Library
Using AttachMany Field
Using Ajax Child Select Field
Using Button Advanced Field
Using Advanced Nova Media Library
Create a Multi-tenant SaaS
Installing Hyn Multi-Tenacy
Configurating your Laravel Project for Multi-tenancy
Creating Tenants and making a first test
Adding Tenancy middleware to Nova
Testing your Multi-Tenant clients for each Database connection
Authorization & Custom Auth
Restricting data using Authorization
Using Spatie Permissions to customize your ACL matrix
Resources Variants vs restricting data via Filters
Connecting Model Global Scopes directly with Resource Types
Increasing your Nova HTTP Security
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Mastering Nova - Launching mid Summer 2020

... or sooner if my 3-year-old son lets me record at night :)