Your Ultimate Course to demystify Laravel Nova from A to Z

51 Videos, +5 hours recordings, from installation to advanced UI Features creation
UI Components and Resources deep dives, UI troubleshooting, Resource testing, and much more!
"I'd probably pick up this in-depth course on Laravel Nova if I was you. Looks like there's stuff in there I didn't even know was possible!"

@davidhemphill - Laravel Nova Co-Creator on a Twitter post

Not having that Nova Feature working as you want?

Start saving hundreds of hours by learning how to build that impossible Nova Feature in a highly comprehensive way, full of real examples!

51 Video Tutorials
Save literally hundreds of hours
From installation to Production deployment, passing by the creation of UI Features, Multi-tenancy, Authorization, Best practices, Performance optimization, you name it
Advanced Deep Dives
Lots of hidden gems advanced topics
From advanced UI components, performance optimizations, multi-tenancy, testing, you'll deep dive into the architecture of Nova to build the best possible Admin Panel
The Fundamentals Explained
New to Nova? You have it covered
You'll have a full chapter dedicated to the out of the box features + hidden gems that I found out along my Laravel Nova Projects

Save hundreds of hours hitting your head on Nova

Don't waste more time losing hours trying to understand how Nova works, if you buy my course I can guarantee you that you will learn everything from the basic to advanced Resource management, how to structure your Resources and test them, how to build that impossible advanced UI feature, and what are the best Community packages you need on your Nova Web app. You will, indeed, demystify Nova.

I am @brunocfalcao, and I am working in Laravel since version 5.x, where I have created Laravel projects such as Laraning, Laraflash, Larapush, Nova Time Field, Flame and Blade UI Feather Icons.

Things you will learn on this course

  • Build UI components with high UX interoperabilities
  • Using Async data behaviors to refresh your UI Features
  • Using Abstract Resource patterns to optimize your Model Resources
  • Creating a Tool end-to-end (Vue structure, Permissions, ...)
  • How to use all out-of-the-box Nova Components
  • Lots of 3rd party packages integrations
"Been following Bruno Falcao's course process and I'm happy for him for the launch! It's also great to finally have a more in-depth Laravel Nova course. Congrats!"

@christophrumpel - Laravel Core Adventures Creator on a Twitter post

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have experience on Nova before I take this Course?

Not at all. I cover the basics and then move into advanced areas further. I recommend you watch the videos in the recommended order.

Can I see some of your videos before buying?

Yes, I do post free videos per Chapter, so you can have an idea about the content quality. Feel free to click on the "watch videos" and see the free ones to get an idea about what is waiting for you :)

Can I pay with Paypal?

Sure! I use Paddle and they support tons of payment methods including Paypal.

Can I order a refund?

Absolutely. No questions asked. I only want you to pay if you see it's valuable for you.

Is it VAT included?

No, it's VAT excluded. As soon as you select your country the VAT will be applied.

Do you use purchase power parity?

Indeed! When I launch the course you will be able to apply for a discount based on your country!

For your attention

At this moment you cannot buy this course since it was built for Laravel Nova version 3.0

I am planning to release the new 4.0 version still this year. Sorry for the delay!.